232.802 – Manic mondays, Terrible tuesdays,Miserable weather = September

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It’s week of three September, and in the UK it’s officially looking like winter is kicking in and summer seams like ages ago, ( Gett your coat’s & gloomy miserable faces on ! ) only come to think of it just a few weeks back a majority of Londoners where recovering or still up from London’s biggest street party ( Notting Hill Carnival ) . Here are a series of my images of that wonderful bank holiday in west London.
( part of the disposable camera project) .

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Banksy Wannabe, 18, unmasked !


An Aspiring wannabe “banksy” artist has been caught red handed spray painting a building in Wales , Unlike bansky who would have social media & publicity over Justin Lewis was charged with Criminal Damage. His defendant said he was taught to channel negative energy into art however the chairman of the bench quoted ” he was very close to going to prison”. Lewis atmitted criminal damage & was given 180 hours unpaid work & 12 month community order.

( Recycled foto from daily Mail )


Something I care About Kidbrooke Estate ( Ex Ferrier estate)












Photographer Alexandera B Selby Documented something a thing thats on going all over area’s in London ( Elephant & Castle,Wandsworth, Stratford, Shoreditch, Stonebridge Park,Brixton,Kings Cross) , Acton, Where councils are regenerating old Estates & getting private companies to build what they call ” affordable new housing ” .. Meanwhile all the old tenants of these properties get rehoused elsewhere some as far as Hull ! Ferrier estate in Kidbrooke was built in the 50’s & its a typical example of the social housing built in the United Kingdom. Selby visits the estate just before its demolishing it’s emptiness it’s gloominess is shown throughout the photos .. But if your interested take a look .. really interesting take on whats going on in the wonderful city of London.


Ten ways to politely blag penalty fares on trains.۞ ✄ ✆ ✉ ☚


(Note you can do the other option like i used to .. that is jump the barriers and run )