R.I.P King Robbo pfb


A sad day in the graffiti word as the prolific street/graffiti artist Robbo has sadly passed away due to health complications . I did not know him personally but he was a big influence to a number of the writers in the London scene , being renowned for painting London’s earliest pieces in Camden, feuding with Banksy & breaking news coverage by painting the famous ‘ Merry Christmas train of 88‘ . Thoughts go out to his close family & friends .

( Photo from LDNgraffiti )


223.601 – steveprentice’s upside down tube map.


Imagine waking up one day to do your normal routine only to find out numerous tubes lines have moved southbound. steveprentice created a series off witty tweaked underground stations one of them here moving all the lines south of the river, Pretty cool for south not looking good for the rest.