282.780 – Trigger tribute


Last week brought unfortunate news of the death of Trigger (Rodger Lloyd Pack) from only fools & horses , most notably known for calling Rodney dave throughout the series . Through various , news & social media networks tributes have flourished over the past week . The most recent & most noticeable has been a ‘ graffitied trigger tribute‘ southern electrostar which brought a smile to commuters whilst at Tonbrigde today. Southern & British Transport Police referred to it as ‘mindless criminal damage’ .whilst the tabloids called it street art. Its nice to see in this day and age one of the biggest art movements is slowly being accepted in modern day society. Lighten up southern and for BTP you will always be arse holes. – rest in peace Rodger .


Chicken shop antics * 2 – The fried chicken shop

I’m sure quite a few of you are already tuned in , Channel 4’s the Fried Chicken shop series showing the perspective of all the interesting characters you’d find in a nice part of south London. I’m surprised I’ve yet to see myself in this .