266.387 – last night’s dinner & (forgettingthesauce)

DSC_01532 copy

– Sliced chicken breast & Wild Mushroom Bulgar wheat.

Can use either tofu or chicken ,Chicken seasoning – Mixed herbs,Rainbow Peppercorns,Piri Piri seasoning Rock Salt and a tiny pinch of curry powder oh and yeah Bulgar which I can honestly say is a nice substitute for rice , which can get quite boring if you use it often.

– Simple dishes for students ( easyhomecookin ) 001




First week of October and students are all getting settled in to new accomodations/houses – so here’s a easypeasylemonsqueezy dish to get you going , right¬† here’s what all you need ( Simple ingredients y’all )¬† – Jerk Chicken stir fry

Sharwoods Noodles –
Chicken or Tofu – ( fried or cooked with Jerk Seasoning )
Peppers – ( all colors )
Salad Onions –
Chilli –
Thyme –
Dunn’s river Jerk seasoning
maybe a stir in sauce*