Unseen Fair – Amsterdam


Unseen is Amsterdam’s annual photography fair, focusing on unexposed photography talent by established photographers . The event runs over the course of the weekend until the 21st September with a range of activities , exhibitions and events. Unseen has also launched there own  magazine too enabling viewers to connect with the vibe and energy of the fair. Apart from the fair they are also looking for Interns so head over to there site if you are enthusiastic, ambitious & nice .

Unseen Photography Fair
18-21 September 2014 ,


Gomma’s photography grant – £


Gomma magazine are giving away €1000 grant for a photographer & there on going projects . No gimmicks, no fee’s & no questions asked, just keep them updated and you could be the lucky recipient of this prize.


Photo:  Scott Typalos

322.783 – Freelance for frankie ( fff )


Aussie based Frankie magazine are looking for a free lance designer for a short term digital project , a designer who is experienced in print but who also straddles or has transitioned into the digital publishing sphere and loves there titles. Applications are open until 4th April .


Optical perception , The beatles & LSD, Spiritual Mantras & not much blog posts.


– late start for the post’s this week , this is due to a hand in for my magazine project about psychedelic & spiritual culture , I’m quite pleased with the outcome , so pleased that I may give a few away for free . Watch this space .

287.280 – Facebook procastinator’s & timewaster’s , this is for you .

facebook timewaster

So in this modern day digital age we have seen how important & how much of an importance Facebook is to parts of the internet community. Weather we hate it or love it Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday next week , Time have crated a calculator that calculates a rough estimate of how much time we have spent on Facebook . Interesting according to them Ive wasted 22 days . Cheers !

– See time’s calculator here .