Blind Arcade meet super substance In The Morphogenetic Field


Friends up north Kermit Leveridge ( From the rap assassins ) &  Greg Wilson have been busy putting together a beautiful uplifting mixtape for our ears featuring existing demos from Kermit & EVM128 seasoned with Greg’s warm soulful edits.  Give it a listen , it’s also available as a free download.

Like Records ? We’ll this is certainly for you.


( Foto from London Record Fair )

Record collectors , Musicians , Vinyl Grabbers , deejays watever you wanna call you’re selves get prepared for the most exciting thing happening in brick Lane next week something that will bring the best genres of music from rock,funk,jazz, soul, hip hop, latin, beats something for everyone’s needs . London record Fair takes place over the course of four days from the 3rd of October – 6th of October at the Old Trewman Brewery , Brick Lane & will feature numerous dj’s such as Giles Peterson & Dj simbad accompanying the fair.

to find out more visit there website,Twitter or for further info

ContactMike. 07972 498 643 Eve. 01202 759 273 Dave. 07545 347 41