Unseen Fair – Amsterdam


Unseen is Amsterdam’s annual photography fair, focusing on unexposed photography talent by established photographers . The event runs over the course of the weekend until the 21st September with a range of activities , exhibitions and events. Unseen has also launched there own  magazine too enabling viewers to connect with the vibe and energy of the fair. Apart from the fair they are also looking for Interns so head over to there site if you are enthusiastic, ambitious & nice .

Unseen Photography Fair
18-21 September 2014 ,


London Design Festival


With over 300 Plus events today marks the start of one of London’s most important annual events. Over nine days the London Design Festival will feature a variety of commissions, exhibitions, private parties, events & Landmark projects like A place called home & The endless stair . A huge event with estimated turnout of 350,000 people , this is a something that Londoners cannot miss out on .



This Weekend 353.680 – illustration Fair


This weekend London’s illustration fair are turning Hoxton arches into a illustration paradise , set across two rooms & showing some of the hottest illustrators, print studio’s, agency’s & More!



263.687 – New years party guide : World.

Portmerion part FN6

Resident Advisor have kindly provided us there guide to there new years party guide from headline acts such us Seth Troxler,Frankie Knuckles,Nina Kraviz, Move D & tonnes more playing out from the 31st to the 1st. , tbh Ive never agreed with paying extortionate prices for a few hours of music , but here’s there list. -For NYE I would actually recommend finding yourself a off license , picking up 6 for 6 of beers/cider and find head towards a nice little house party where one can get respectfully fucked up & have intellectual conversations with people you will probably only meet or see once . Anyway back to the list &  , Londoners , The peeps in Wales & West , the Great Northerner’s,  the Scot’s , European’s, Mexicans, Aussies, Canadians  and how could we forget you Ambitious Americans this is for you.

– Grainy awesome photo ( Festival number six )  – taken by me .

Like Records ? We’ll this is certainly for you.


( Foto from London Record Fair )

Record collectors , Musicians , Vinyl Grabbers , deejays watever you wanna call you’re selves get prepared for the most exciting thing happening in brick Lane next week something that will bring the best genres of music from rock,funk,jazz, soul, hip hop, latin, beats something for everyone’s needs . London record Fair takes place over the course of four days from the 3rd of October – 6th of October at the Old Trewman Brewery , Brick Lane & will feature numerous dj’s such as Giles Peterson & Dj simbad accompanying the fair.

to find out more visit there website,Twitter or for further info

ContactMike. 07972 498 643 Eve. 01202 759 273 Dave. 07545 347 41