261.887 – Berliner.


Vice refer to it as paradise , Huffington post call it the best place in Europe, the creative scene , the unpretentious, not to forget the Bauhaus , the Graffiti/ Street Art I could go on endlessly & (Shame on me as I’ve never been ) however back to food ignant.de posted there top 5 cafe’s in Berlin. munch ! Click here.

Photo from Ignant

Wheelcome on aboard ,


A creative collection of skateboarding in where 30 Artist’s, chef’s & Designers from Luxembourg & surronding area’s have come together to unleash creativity on a skateboard the Exhibition organised by Dj Lowic vila & Artist Samuel levy also features some of there work with Vila’s work on the best places to skate & the biggest names on the scene .. other things include ” A themed BBQ “& Various Dj sets , If you’re interested visit there  site or check out there Facebook .