Bank Holiday Weekender – Carnival –





Few shots from a couple of years back .


219.220 – The Do’s ^ & Don’ts of Notting Hill Carnival

carnival have just posted there official do’& dont’s of carnival this year , I’d thought id leave a few too , 1 – If you don’t like crowds go on a Sunday or don’t go at all . 2 – apart from the floats & lovely ladies in bikini’s try & visit a few sound systems on the side streets . 3 – Do get a photo of pig police officers grinding with women ( Carnival Cliche ) 4 – Don’t bother trying to meet people at carnival. 5 – Try some Jamaican food. 6 – Have fun , It’s a bank holiday weekend .

For the official map of carnival download it here .

Something for the weekend ? –


Llana Taub for the photo

It’s that time of the year once again this Sunday in South west nine brings Brixton splash, a free community street Carnival , this year will bring a variety of sound system’s set up around Coldharbour Lane & Atlantic Road with the main stage located on the Windrush Square, not only just music there are a wide range of free workshops, arts & crafts don’t forget all the Yummy food stalls there too !

The event celebrates the diverse culture that brixton has had over the years and to many of those whom call it home , if you like to find out more about it visit there site or here are a few video’s from previous years .