332.782 – Food related friday.

DSC_0301 copy

– x3 Caribbean styled Chicken Skewers with a London twist ( 1 Veggie ) & served with couscous.
Ingredients Chicken Breast Fillet , Jerk Seasoning , Thyme , Rock Salt , Rainbow Peppercorns , Peppers, Skewers, Lemons & couscous.


209.650 – Dirtystories, Stem celled beef burgers anyone ?

Stemcelledburger copy

Scientist’s are having fun in the kitchen & created there first test tube burger , they refer it to being the taste of tomorrow . but seriously no thanks I’d go vegetarian , read more here peeps possibly something that may change the future ..

145.477 > Horse meat found in Tesco burgers. Camel toe found in Primark leggings.


It’s been about 2 weeks or so since the mainstream media published this so called ” scandal ” about traces of horsemeat in some foods  ..  Its something ive always questioned when looking at supermarket mass produced meats ..

Has this animal seen daylight , Is this really organic , is this really beef ? .. but i guess it all goes down to trust & We can afford  , It’s such a shame to see  big supermarket chains bombarding our town’s & city’s … what ever happened to the day’s where you’d go down to your Local Green grocer and pick up you’re fresh produce ? Or you’re local Butcher ?  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts … pretty interesting topic