Hibernating ..

It’s been a mighty three plus years of the dirtychicken blog , oh how time files .. It’s pretty stunning on how one documents a archive of events, memories & photo’s on a interesting period of my young precious life . The photo’s especially as I now have a self initiated disposable camera project at hand .

I know the last six months have been extremely quiet (not me the blog) as I’m now a graduate from university & experiencing the ‘fun’ life of a paid/unpaid intern . Don’t get me wrong it’s all inspiring & good but I find having a 9 to 5 and being a fresh graduate difficult to pursue a handful of true passions .So I will like to apologies on my behalf on the blog’s silence, I really appreciate the amount of followers & don’t worry we will be back soon ! In the meantime here are some of the dirtychickenblog’s highlight’s enjoy .







113 Northbound




Antwerp Centraal ferris wheel

Lambeth Country show – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July





( Photo’s Brixton Blog )

Lambeth Council brings it’s 39th Country show to Brockwell Park this weekend,
An essential tradition its become for all South Londoners which serves a fascinating line up , from reggae stars like max romeo & Cornell Cambell to traditional country ways such as pig racing, Medival Jostling and Strange Vegetable animals also for all the cider lovers expect to see Chucklehead cider there too. This year see’s the show split into nine zones from arts & Crafts, Food, theatre, Music and more all infused with that distinctive South London Vibe. 2012 saw 150,000 attendees to the country show which caters for people of all ages & Family’s and it’s free , so if you’re a Londoner or Happen to be in London for the weekend pop down !

Here’s a few photo’s last year from Urban75

For more information Visit there site or check live updates on the Lambeth Country Show Facebook.

“Bau der Zukunft”

Surely the most challenging art space to curate in London, the Barbican Gallery is a big and complicated volume that needs a big and complicated subject to fill it. In the history of the seismic impact that the German craft and fine art school the Bauhaus made on the development of architecture, photography, textiles, printing, graphic design, furniture and theatre, it has found just that.
so if your in London it’s here until the 12th August go andd check it!!