New & Fresh – Mike Huckaby



A new mix posted from one of the most respective figures out of the Detroit House & Techno scene Mr Mike Huckaby. With over twenty five years of being in the industry , being renowned for playing ageless tracks & winning the over crowds with his encyclopedic knowledge of dance music. Click right here to listen & Download –


271.977 – Met police set to strike for new years .

According to today’s ridiculous tabloids thousands of Police civilian staff ( I guess they mean PCSO’S ) 999 callers & firefighters are set to strike in a row over pay from 6.30 this evening . It’s a bit random and off key for myself to talk about the police force on dirtychicken but I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show off this photo taken by a mutual Facebook contact at an illegal warehouse party.¬† ACAB

266.387 – last night’s dinner & (forgettingthesauce)

DSC_01532 copy

– Sliced chicken breast & Wild Mushroom Bulgar wheat.

Can use either tofu or chicken ,Chicken seasoning – Mixed herbs,Rainbow Peppercorns,Piri Piri seasoning Rock Salt and a tiny pinch of curry powder oh and yeah Bulgar which I can honestly say is a nice substitute for rice , which can get quite boring if you use it often.