Sir Hummus*


Sir Hummus are a pop up cafe based in Amsterdam by Hummus addicts Guy & Dori. Starting at London’s niche Maltby Street market in 2012, Both received amazing feedback which inspired them to continue there journey to Holland, and have since set a pop up Hummus cafe at the Sugar & Spice Bakery. Tomorrow marks the last Sir Hummus Monday’s at the cafe , at Zeedijk 75 12:00 – 20:00 .

332.782 – Food related friday.

DSC_0301 copy

– x3 Caribbean styled Chicken Skewers with a London twist ( 1 Veggie ) & served with couscous.
Ingredients Chicken Breast Fillet , Jerk Seasoning , Thyme , Rock Salt , Rainbow Peppercorns , Peppers, Skewers, Lemons & couscous.

266.387 – last night’s dinner & (forgettingthesauce)

DSC_01532 copy

– Sliced chicken breast & Wild Mushroom Bulgar wheat.

Can use either tofu or chicken ,Chicken seasoning – Mixed herbs,Rainbow Peppercorns,Piri Piri seasoning Rock Salt and a tiny pinch of curry powder oh and yeah Bulgar which I can honestly say is a nice substitute for rice , which can get quite boring if you use it often.

261.887 – Berliner.


Vice refer to it as paradise , Huffington post call it the best place in Europe, the creative scene , the unpretentious, not to forget the Bauhaus , the Graffiti/ Street Art I could go on endlessly & (Shame on me as I’ve never been ) however back to food posted there top 5 cafe’s in Berlin. munch ! Click here.

Photo from Ignant

256.701 – How does free food sound ?


Well according to various blog’s and numerous sites , Chipotle Mexican Grill are giving away a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad or tacos to anyone who walks into there store wearing a christmas jumper .. do take into consideration the offer is only available every Saturday this December 4pm – 6pm . Yum  !

– Find your nearest store .