277.765 – Falafels, Redheads and Redstripe


The strange overcast sky’s in London had reminded me of the this exact moment Underneath the westway twenty degrees , Ice cool beverages , sounds of reggae music and tonnes . How and where I got the link between Overcast sky & Falafels I do not know .

232.802 – Manic mondays, Terrible tuesdays,Miserable weather = September

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 15.19.59

It’s week of three September, and in the UK it’s officially looking like winter is kicking in and summer seams like ages ago, ( Gett your coat’s & gloomy miserable faces on ! ) only come to think of it just a few weeks back a majority of Londoners where recovering or still up from London’s biggest street party ( Notting Hill Carnival ) . Here are a series of my images of that wonderful bank holiday in west London.
( part of the disposable camera project) .

For the full photographic online mag click on either one of the images or here.