In today’s society unfortunately no matter what we do or where we go we are always going to have some sort of label attached to us , being the color of your skin, your profession ,Lifestyle,Hobbies, Class, so on and so forth /…. ( For eg oh I’m a Creative Director,I’m a Graphic designer )  etc  … We’ll me on the other hand you could label me as a Student Born & Raised in London Studying Graphic Design or I could say .. I like Creating, I enjoy taking Photo’s, I take most of my Inspiration from Nature music & People, I Meditate and always adventuring.

We’ll this blog is hopefully just about all the Interesting things happening in my life at this present moment , From Dirty chicken shops to little trendy events I’ll do my best to keep them covered. But yeah enough chit chat if you like what you see Like/Follow the page & I’l do my best to be nosy and see what’s happening on your site !

Foto Adam Tee


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