276.674 What’s on .. ( Getinspired )

dirtychicken size-1

Japanese Poster artists / Cherry blossom & Aestheticism . Celebrating 150 years of beautifully unique Japanese Graphic deisgn posters, Its subtle poetry, mystical messages and the bold but glowing colors are just as intriguing  for the  eye as the witty provocation and rejection of all the accepted rules of visual communication. Where ? Museum-gestaltung Tuesday 11 February 2014, 7 pm, Vortragssaal


Stephen Shore exhibition / * Last day * ‘New York City, New York, August’, 1972 . Where ? Spruth Magers London , 7A Grafton St, London W1S 4EJ .




Germaine Van Parys & Odette Dereze /  was a pioneer in the Belgian photojournalism. Together with her godchild Dereze Odette (1932) Van Parys realized an impressive body of work. Their work shows a real reflection on the history of Belgium from 1918 to the end of the last century. Laeken – Week-end de detente au Chateau De Laeken Where ? 25.10.13 – 02.03.14 Waalsekaai 472000 Antwerp Belgium


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