290.979 – . Phlegm exhibition –


I’m tired of typing & I would like to escape staring at my screen so im keeping this short , but street artist phlegm has a exhibition in East London. If you do take a interest in street art or fancy a exhibition on thursday evening find it on here .

Phlegm – The Bestiary-Howard Griffin Gallery
Opens 1 February, 6:30PM -Exhibition runs 01 February – 04 March
– 189 Shoreditch High St, London, E1 6HU.

288.180 – Art teachers are fucking awsome .


Rather than living in the ‘inner city yuppie life ‘ or getting a fancy office job a fair amount of youngsters in the 90’s found it more fun to live in nature and travel around on second hand routemaster buses . In this series of photography Tom Hunter professor in photography at the LCC ( a traveller at the time ) documents a series of photos whilst traveling around Europe .

“It is 20 years since the Castelmorton free festival, which led to the introduction of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.” Tom tells Little white lies , “one of the main agendas of this act was to restrict the assembly and movement of people, spelling the end of the free festival and traveler culture in the UK.

If you do want to find out more he’s holding a exhibition at the LCC on 6 – 26 February. If your unable to make that do have a look at his photos here.

287.280 – Facebook procastinator’s & timewaster’s , this is for you .

facebook timewaster

So in this modern day digital age we have seen how important & how much of an importance Facebook is to parts of the internet community. Weather we hate it or love it Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday next week , Time have crated a calculator that calculates a rough estimate of how much time we have spent on Facebook . Interesting according to them Ive wasted 22 days . Cheers !

– See time’s calculator here .