227.201 – Messy Night out in Hove anyone ?

and have any of you ended up here ?  Well guess what, A Hove takeaway owner has been fined nearly £12,000 after blood, cobwebs, a mouse nest and fresh droppings were found in his chicken shop. Grim.

226.301 – Pecknarm , peckham , peckhamania.Narm. ( nonsense )

Posh Peckham3

Oh no not another gentrification story :O , yep it’s nice that have decided to review all the hype around Peckham , some of you may remember the lovely South London place from the del boy day’s or from when damilola Taylor tragically died , or for me the time in my school boy heyday I nearly got set up trying to buy a mini motorbike! anyway peckham yet another place facing this ” newest trendy hotspot ” bollocks & it’s nice that reviewing it really ?Yep. Guys i thought you where based in Brighton ? But enough of my chit – chat give it the place visit from the greasy chicken shops, Cafe’s & characteristic Market Shops to the trendy bars too …   or just keep it simple and read their review 😉


(image designed by me )
Photo Andrew Jackson .

223.601 – steveprentice’s upside down tube map.


Imagine waking up one day to do your normal routine only to find out numerous tubes lines have moved southbound. steveprentice created a series off witty tweaked underground stations one of them here moving all the lines south of the river, Pretty cool for south not looking good for the rest.