Talk of the town … dalston .. ( Aston Street )


( I was meant to post 1month ago) The barbican have commisioned artist Leandro Erlich to create ” Dalston House ” an installation in the East of London , in which Elrich uses the 19th century facade of a Victorian terrace to resemble a movie set. Its on as we speak and it’s also part of the London 2013 Festival of Architecture so head down there an take a look :).

London Festival of Architecture ( 2013 )


For all you architect’s / artist’s / designer’s or if you just like visiting exhibition’s LFA are hosting a variety of cool architecture related programmes across the city . With a variety of Exhibitions from The Social , ” Draw it ” , Sir Hugh Casson : Making Friends and more their is also a few one of talks & tour’s happening over the course of this month . And a majority of those are free so pop down.

Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture

The GrowUp Box

Sustainability in Interior Design

Inside Flow’s the Super use approach to design

Graffiti artist ” vamp ” causes £250,000 damage & faces 3 years in jail ?

I did a post roughly this time last year on graffiti artist Vamp , today the tabloids have published an article of kristian holmes a £60,000 surveyor leading a secret life who was living the live of Britain’s most prolific graffiti artists , talking numerous trains out of service & posing as maintenance Network rail workers wearing high visibility jackets to avoid suspicion. He was arrested in 2010 with police searches finding vast amounts of evidence spray paint nozzles etc , One of the prosecutor’s quoted the total damage caused was around £250,000 ( ridiculous ) .. but anyway to the main part of the story Mr Homes a father of two  being jailed for 2 & a half years for graffiti ? Also what frustrates me even more is Stuart Hall who caused decades of abuse only gets 15 months ? train surfaces can get cleaned but you can’t wipe away abuse . Really though what are they trying to say .. Free Vamp !!