Yes Lads & Lasses Part one ….

Well Filmedd , Few stuff added in , But come on it’s MTN they are selling their brand so obviously there going to make it look good & Make It look like it’s done properly …. But yeah It’s worth a watch …. soo yeah sit Back n Chillax….. Hit that triangle button thingy … :/

Whoopsy Daisyy :(

It’s what happens in London Suburbia … Kidz stealling those lawnmowers (mopeds)
Ride around the block ,annoy the miserable neighboors then when the fuels pretty low set it alight
at your local park …. then sprint off … get out of the park …. get back to the blockzz ….
spark a zoot …. and reminisce the jokes times you had on the shitty little lawnmower.