Dear Artist’s.

An article by a good friend of mine worth a read.

I always had this thought trapped in my mind on how conventionality can win over creativity and innovation. I know from a personal level, creativity can be something very hard to discuss with others. It is like dissecting the soul for everyone to see & opening up a door to a location that hasn’t yet been discovered. We become anxious in these situations; we have two options, either to see what is on the other side or to route around it to see someone else seize the opportunity. I believe in giving everything a go and then that way you don’t have no kind of regret.

Were in a society where people can become easily manipulated and manufactured due to the outputs the media releases. People’s eyes and ears are like fast speed shutters flicking through content. They will only remain open if something caters to their individual tastes; however it can lead negative paths as an individual can become so induced that they find it difficult to define what they are about and I find this can be the case to a lot of young artists within the top40 chart.

I feel some of the major record companies are taking people in who are mouldable and open to their approaches on becoming a worldwide superstar. It saddens me when they destroy the rich history they have created in the past by replacing them with artists who have materialistic and persuasive minds. They’re not there for the art but more for the factors that come with fame.

The music industry has always been a complicated network to follow but due to the growth of technology and the development of social media sites, it has become a whole lot easier for us to get a panoramic view on what is happening and what is available out there and artists respond to this, they mimic the trends and will create music that fit into the category as it has more of a chance of becoming popular.

This also has an effect on the people that listen into it; they will filter their ears from any alien sounds as it could differentiate them from the rest of mainstream society. We have many different artists out there who will struggle physically and mentally in order to be at one with their art and this is a positive thing, we all need to experience high and low points in order to be in the right mind set, we need to be able to focus ourselves when experiencing great difficulties as well as great successes.

Unfortunately there are individuals out there who haven’t yet to experience this, they have become manufactured and constricted, a puppeteer to the masses, someone who only knows about the conventionality of the industry and not making songs for people to relate to on a deep level, we have music for every moment in our life, we can transcribe certain artists to our memories and experiences. We have clubs that play music that cater to our needs of dancing, music that doesn’t need to be deeply analyzed in order to understand it, it’s simply there for us to move to and on the other side of the field, it’s the ones we relate to when in love, happy or sad etc.

The very reason why we connect to artists like that is because they’re coming over the fear of being different, they’re using their art for biographical documentation, allowing others to seep through their stories and their thoughts on the planet and the people that inhabit it and I have huge respect for it, no matter their genre or the personality of the individual, the point that they have leaped over a barrier and created this whole spectrum of innovative work for people to enjoy and devour is incredible.

I love every factor art has to offer, I enjoy seeing close friends as well as complete strangers become connected to their passion and how they can continuously feed it with very little finance or none at all, the fact is creativity doesn’t come from the equipment we buy, the books we read, the landscapes we see, it’s from us, a deeply ridiculed thing that can be very hard to swallow but once its released, it can have a phenomenal impact.

Yes people imitate but no one can duplicate, everyone offers a new elucidation to what they are hearing and seeing but it’s the ones that understand what is out there and choose to do something that no one else is daring to do but this can only be accomplished once you’ve vanquished these feelings of apprehension and anxiety, you can either be a trailblazer or a hitchhiker, the one that starts the trail for other people to follow or the one that gets assistance from mimicking things of similarity, creativity is something of freedom, something we as a individual can only express and talk on our own accord, I can’t talk about yours but I can for mine, it’s something that channels through the mind and the soul.

Freedom to me is not being hung up on anyone’s idea on how I should represent myself in society, why do we need to regulate ourselves to fit into groups?, just be yourself, follow your thoughts, take note and acknowledge what is around you and always add your version to other people’s observations, it’s all good knowing these quotes but it’s even better when you can dissect it and understand the very reason on why they spoke of it in the first place and it’s the same in every branch in the media, we can create things that stand out in the crowd but you need to be able to support it with the stability of the mind, be able to talk and illustrate it like it was something to die for, art is a painful passage to go through but it develops us and it needs to recover just like us. We cannot keep it operational forever, we need to be able to sit back and keep this energy desirable and by energy I mean whatever keeps us going.

I’m inspired when I see people strive for something, who get up every single day and take another step to reaching their goal. This is our golden age, our chance to do something that we truly believe in, there are structures out there, patter to read in order to reach some kind of creative liberation, but it doesn’t cater to what we are about individually. Do what you do, 1 person responded, 10 thousand people responded, it doesn’t matter; the fact that you’ve stimulated someone to appreciate and find homage in your work is something we should hold pride for.

I saw a man the other day, really withered looking standing on a high plinth playing a guitar, people were dropping money in obliviously without paying attention, until this old lady came along and thanked him for cheering up her afternoon and his face instantly lit up and he began to smile as he played and something as little as that can make us whole again.

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