We Must go back in order to proceed.

Going back to the 20th century now. and one of the most inspriational art movements for me was Russian Constructivisim.a movement created by the avante garde but quickly moving to the rest of the continent. Constructivist art is committed to complete abstraction with a devotion to modernity, where themes have a dynamic graphic structure holding the separate elements together. The figurative & graphic elements are combined to great effect such as there strong bold use of Color & there alighment of Typeography and shape.
One of my most favorite artist’s out of this movement wasAlexander Rodachenko (1891 – 1956)
A Constructivist, Rodchenko was one of the earliest photo-collagists. Some of his favorite themes were sports, the circus, festive events and the Soviet way of life. He had experimented with close-up photography, and “the lens of his camera discovered objects of unusual architecture, rhythm, and plasticity” in objects removed from their usual surroundings.

Alexander Rodchenko Colum of sports society Dinamo 1935

Alexander Rodchenko Portrait of the mother. 1924


Alexander Rodchenko The Fire’s man 1929.



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